Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 01, 2009

The NSR Photographers were out this afternoon taking photos of everybody in the water.  Click on any of the photos for today’s surf report to find out if you got shot in Nicaragua today!!!

Hello, this is Jairo “Come Pan” and welcome to the Sunday surf report.  Today D-lite, Carlos “Caliente” and I headed up north to one of our favorite breaks, this is what we found when we arrived. The wind was offshore and the water was a little bit warm up than in our town.  Check out the good news for you.

For the first surf shot today we have Cesar Amador absolutely destroying the top of this left.  There were quite a few local guys out representing there local wave.

There were also a couple of international surfers in the water today.  Here is an unknown surfer from Israel.  He was hanging out on the inside and picking off some great waves.

This is our friend Dave, he has moved down from Florida and is in the process of building his new home.  It was a great day to share some nice waves with friends because there were plenty to be had.

Here is a great shot of our friend JJ Yema.  Check out the size of the spray and the amount of water that is being thrown in the air.

There were a couple of waves showing on the outside sandbar.  We had some solid swell in the water today.  Be sure to make you travel plans through us here at NSR because it looks like we are going to have a great surf season.

Next up we have Carlos “Caliente” on this sizable left.  He was all over the place today catching almost every wave in sight.  “Way to go Carl.”

D-lite was in full affect today scoring some nice lefts.  He has been in Florida visiting his daughter for a little over a month, he’s a little out of shape but was surfing good none the less.

Here is another unknown surfer taking off on this sweet right, the rights were few and far between but when they did come in they would peel all the way to the beach.

We want to leave you with another shot of D-lite, the swell is supposed to stick around for a couple of days, so be sure to check back with us tomorrow.  Come Pan out!!