Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 28, 2013

What is up boys?  We've got Roberto Lucha Libre Garcia here with your daily surf report.  We had a huge pulse in the water out of nowhere today but we are not complaining at all.  Overhead waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and warmer water.  Check it out!!!

When we first got to the beach Roberto was the only one in the lineup.  He was pulling into some nice barrels all by himself.

The rights were getting better with the incoming tide and Carlitos paddled out to score one of the better waves of the day.  Check out this little sequence.  Shot 1, dropping in!

Shot 2, bottom turning!

Shot 3, setting up!

Shot 4, standing tall into a sick jewel!

A couple of seconds later, still going!

Shot 6, safe and clean!

Made it out of the barrel and attacking the closing section!

Going big for the landing!

And he pulled it off.  Sick one Carlitos!

We checked out some other location in the afternoon and this was the scene. A little closing out on the bigger sets, but still some fun ones in between.

We made it back out right before sunset at our backyard and this is what we found.  Sweet bowls all over!

Johnny was in the right spot and caught some beautiful gems.  Way to go pal!

Our very own Pancho Sanchez just made it back from the states and he is so hungry to get some fun ones.  Working on his backside with a cool floater.

A few international dudes were taking advantage on the insiders.  Here we caught this guy nabbing a beautiful right hander.

Eduardo from Brazil grabbed his sponge and caught some fun ones as well.  Looking good, uh!

Waves should be fun tomorrow as well, so stay tuned with us!