Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 28, 2009

What’s up folks, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia with the Saturday surf report.  Today the whole NSR family headed out to the beach to score some fun waves right before dark.  There were many fun waves to be had but we had to battle against the jellyfishes and the chilly water.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds and lots of people made it out to the beach.  Check out the lineup!!!

First at all, we want you to know guys that today we had the first National Mountain Bike Race down here in town.  We had three different laps where more than forty bikers had to run through.  We had some music on, cold beers, fresh food and lots of people having a good time.  Our very own D-lite was the first guy taking advantage of the food court services.  Is that good eating buddy?

A few fans were watching all the action and enjoying the whole racing.  Here we have the special guest of the day.  He was in the highest part of the laps and didn’t miss any part of the action with his peculiar position to watch the trials upside down.

This is a shot of Bildy Molina from Managua, this guy was the winner of the Pro-round racing bike.  He made thirty eight miles on the mountains in only three hours and forty two minutes.  He when through mood, sand, rivers and he did really well.  Congratulations chiltotipinyuqui!!!

Back to the beach, not many local surfers were out this afternoon because the water is too cold for them and they didn’t resist the jellyfishes as well.  Our good friend “La Gaviota” Chamorro wasn’t worry about that and decided to paddle out and catch a few waves.  Here he is with a cool backside spray on this left.

As we said before the NSR family went out to the beach and score many killer and fun waves. Here we have a shot of Heather “Hace Quesitos” riding a nice looking left.  Today we had a building, but inconsistent swell, making it perfect for the longboards.

Our very own “Carlitos Calientito” wanted to be part of the action as well so he took his big panga out and showed us a few of his skills on the big board.  Check him out going backwards on this nice wave with great form.

Panchito Sanchito was doing the best to have fun and he did.  He also tried to get into a few shacks but the waves were a little bit small to get into them.  Any way here we have a shot of him about to hand drag into this one.

I went up to the hills for a few minutes to take a couple of shots of the lineup.  When you are a photographer you never know when and from where you can get some amazing shots.  If you have been at Playa Maderas you would never thing this is it.  Do you?

The sun was almost gone and I took advantage of the light it gave us.  Here we have a classic shot of this beach.  Nothing better than surf some fun waves right before dark with no crowd.

D-litecito scored some really good waves this afternoon as well.  Here he is caught on this photo bottom turning this right.  He’s hoping to get more swell soon because he wants to rips on a couple of bigger ones.

About 6:00 o’clock “El Chulin” Estrella was getting hungry and almost ate a few jellyfishes but they were to cold and poisoning. Be careful my friend!!!

NSR is proud to welcome "Steve", the world champion "Mullet Cut", to Nicaragua.  Business on the top, party in the back.  Steve has been traveling the world since 1975 competing in various "Mullet" competitions.  He's got over 7 mullet titles to his name including the world famous "King of Palatka, FL".  This is us right after a shot of Jim Beam and a Budweiser.