Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 27, 2017

Another weekend has come and gone! This Monday has brought some good news, in the form of a crowd-less lineup!  Almost nobody out at the local beach today with some beautiful waves storming thru!  Head high, offshore, and thundering barrels!  Check it out!

There were some takers right around the low tide this morning! Similar conditions to yesterday, with some hollow and shallow breaking waves!

The water is clean and refreshing! Even more refreshing is the feeling of getting some empty barrels right on the beach! Where is everybody?!

Colin lives close by and has a steady eye on the waves! If he’s out, then it’s probably a good time to go surf with him!

I walked away for a couple hours to see if anything would change, I headed back to the beach with the water housing and found some more waves with almost nobody still!

I rallied a couple local cats to paddle out and get some water shots, here is Lesther pulling into a good one on his first wave!

Carlos Perez followed suit and got a couple good tubes! I didn’t swim for too long but was able to capture some good shots of these hombres!

The water shots really give you a good perspective of how the waves were breaking. Lesther setting up for this one nice and deep! This is with me standing in only about waist deep water!

Carlos again, getting a good shady view under the curtain!

On the inside, this little ripper was getting in some practice! Dad said tomorrow they would be working on standing up! Good luck buddy!

One last action shot for today, another shot of señor Carlos in his favourite place in the world!

Not bad for a Monday at the office huh?! Thanks a lot for checking out NSR’s daily surf report my friends! Tomorrow looks like more of the same but we won’t know until then! Check back and see what the ocean has in store for us! Take it easy amigos!