Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sencond and last day of the Quiksilver Surf Contest at Playa Hermosa. The waves definitely got better today as you can see, thanks to mother nature. Shoulder high waves plus on the bigger sets, the winds were quite strong offshore and the water was cold. Check it out!!!

Did I mention that the waves got better today?  What do you guys think?

The day got started with the big boards guys were our very good friend El Corage Hernandez was killing it.  Here he is caught going big with a cool 360 reverse!

The 16 years old division was pretty tight but Jackson was working hard on it to make it though the finals.  Check him out with a sick frontside snap on this left.

But Jackson was working hard to take down our BIG BOY Oscar from Playa Colorados.  Oscar brought all his skills in the water and he was ripping all day long.

Back in the main event, Los Ticos were doing their thing making it straight to the finals.  Mr Pilurzzo with a sweet backside maneuver on this little nugget.

La Bestia Calderon was decided to keep the championship tittle in San Juan del Sur, so he was attacking every single section with so much power.  Fins out with a beautiful snap.

Quite a few people was feeling the party from last night.  So they were no worried about the contest!

Sergio Lopez always helping to keep everything in the right place.  Muchas gracias amigo, but be careful because that thing can blow you out in a second.

The crowd started showing up to the beach and enjoy of the amazing they we had. Come on down and have fun in Nicaragua!

Among the crowd we had some cute girls. Welcome down chica!

Kevin Cortez from Gigante made the move of the day, according to many people on the beach. Sick laidback snap from Kevin!

Last action shot of the day goes to Augusto La Gaviota Chamorro with the longest floater of the contest.  Sick one Gaviota!

Lets take it to the podiun now, girls!

1* Dunia Burgos from Playa Maderas

2* Shelby Moos from Florida

3* Rosa Mora Playa Santana


1* Jose Hernandez San Juan del sur

2* Carlos Siezar SJDS

3* Pedro Florez SJDS

Sub 16

1* Oscar Espinoza Playa Colorado

2* Jackson Obando Playa Gigante

3* Kevin Cortez Playa Gigante

Sub 18

1* Alex Alvarado

2* Juan Aguilar

3* Juber Martinez

And the Open was for:

1* Augusto Chamorro San Juan del Sur

2* Federico Pilurzo CR

3* Isaac Vega CR

4* Rex Calderon SJDS

Party is on, party animals.  Lucha out!