Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 19, 2022

What's up people!! Sunset surf session report and as you can see it was another fun day of surf if you picked the right window. Koji scoring the tube in front of pops.. so sick!

Jack was the first guy out for the sunset session and he was scoring some real fun waves.

When I first got to the beach there wasn't anybody out and I got a little worried there would be no surfers in the water.

So I took some shots of the other activities people were enjoying, here's Rick about to spike the ball with that Better at Beach power.

Dave on a sick little fish board and scoring an empty lineup.. life is good.

Koji after exiting the barrel on the first shot going for the roundhouse making sure to get everything out of this wave

Yuji smacking the lip and doing his best to spray the birds flying out the back

Farah scoring some waves too! Yeeeee

Building castles in the sand..

Thank you for coming by and checking us out today! We'll have some more shots for you manana. If you're here hopefully we can score some waves together and if you're not here hopefully you can get down here soon. Cheers!