Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello my friends. The high tide is almost in the afternoon today. I come to check this point to see how is working. Well, you can see there is a peak not to affected for the strong offshore wind and just a few surfer were in the water. Check it out.

The only local in the water was Lester. He catch a bunch of waves. The right was the best today. Here is a late back. He was surfing without leash to learn to handle the tricks.

The wave keep small, but fun. Is super easy to come back to the peak because is shallow. The only problem if you come back walking to the peak is the sea floor. There are some stingray.

One of my friends from The town Limon 2 was here scoring some of the good left. The left have a pronounced shoulder good for turns. Check two of his tricks.

Baaaaaaannnnnggggg this is the first turn of Lenin. He turn that board 180*. This left have about ten to fifteen meters for couple tricks and this is what he made.

Here is the second chance and he score again another dicent turn. This surfer can ripping in every surf condition. The way how they read this wave is how get the most of it.

The sets are less consistent than yesterday and just two waves come in the serie. The good things it is the both ways were working.

Here is Elvin El Chocoyo ripping in the short break during his lunch time. Here when we have a little of time of the only thing we try to do is go to get two or more waves for come back to work with good attitude.

Lester was flying in almost every wave. This spot for the next two month will be our gym. Until the big swell start hitting our coast.

Every wave is good for learn how to made airs 360*. With the water temperature is good if you don't stop to paddling and catch waves to keep warm.

The only bad thing if you don't use the leash, is lose you surfboard and the wind play a little with you board. A little!!!!, this board was flying a hundred meters in a second.

Ok, mis amigos. He not have to many surfer in the lineup, so we only show you a little of the action. Actually the waves are good for more than four hours. So go surf all afternoon. Drink a lot of water and use a lot of sun cream. Armando Lopez is out.