Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hello to all!  Welcome back to a freshly updated surf report from this Saturday down at the beach!  The waves were really fun, side/offshore winds and some good surfing going down! 

Lesther of course was catching lots of good waves! Here he is setting up to move some water from the top of this wave!

Whhaamm!! His barrel skills aren’t the only thing he’s fine tuning!

Local standout surfer Kevin Cortez was showing off his air skills for the camera!

Kevin is from Gigante and we regularly see him around here when the waves are good! The sun was hot so he went in for some relief!

Don’t let the lovely bikini cut fool you, India is one of our best girl surfers around the area!

We want to give a shout out to our friends and neighbors from Iguana surf school. Nick was giving this youngster a lesson today.

He said the lesson went great and this little guy was loving the ocean! Is he ready for a big set wave yet Nick! Look up Iguana surf school if you’re interested in getting a good lesson!

The camera kept finding Kevin out in the water! Not hard to spot this guy when he’s throwing this much water around!

The lefts and rights were super consistent today! Lot’s of waves coming in and not too much of a crowd out there!

Here’s another shot of India. Hitting a little check turn before she pulled into a little barrel on this one!

Our good friend D.J. was soaking up some fun in the ocean. I like how you’re tickling the wave with your backhand DJ!

Lesther wanted to give a shout out to his favourite surfer when he saw this big closeout section coming at him! Just like Andy would’ve done it he said!

We’ll sign off today with one last action shot! Thanks for checking out the report today! We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as we are down here on the lovely Nicaraguan coast! Come join us soon, otherwise, see you on the beach amigos! This is Eric and I am out like a light!