Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report.  This is the NSR Family bringing you all the action from the beach straight to your computers.  The waves were kind of fun today but the winds were howling offshore and the water was freezing.  Check it out!!!

The girls were commanding the lineup today, but just for a few minutes because they got cold very easy.  Here we have this girl doing her thing on a nice looking right.

“El Tuzo” Morales took a ride to the beach with us and paddle out for about half an hour, enough to catch some of the better waves we had.  Check him out bottom turning this sick left.

The lineup was not busy at all, maybe that was because the water was cold and the wind was super strong.  So, we have some really nice empty ones rolling in.  What a shame!!!

We had a few locals trying to get barrel on some small but sweet waves.  Here is caught Gerson “El Botetas” Ramos looking for some shade into this barrel section.

The wind was not a factor to stop “La Bestia” out there.  Here he is busting a cool frontside aerial move.  He’s the one to beat in the upcoming contest, I think!

The waves are supposed to be about the same tomorrow and we are hoping that the winds die down a little bit, so please check us back out.