Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 17, 2017

Hola to all our friends checking in today! This morning we headed out with the sunrise to a left point break to see what was going on! Head high and uncrowded waves was what we found!

When we showed up, Edguardo was the only one out there, getting every wave that came his way!

Geronimo has only been surfing for less than two years! He started surfing after he was injured racing motorcycles! Maybe it was a blessing in disguise amigo!

The only guy surfing backside out there was the Parker Hannahs! He rode over to the point and showed me the ropes!

Eduardo runs a construction business back in Venezuela, he comes to Nicaragua a few times a year to visit and indulge in waves like these!

Man these guys were scoring! Perfect waves reeling around the point and nobody else in sight!

Edgardo has a contagious smile and was making me laugh out there! Everytime he paddled by he’d ask, did you get a good shot of that one?!

The camera was trying its best to capture the waves first section… This is Edgardo again, ripping a big turn, the first of about four or five on this wave!

As the tide dropped lower, the wave was getting more shallow! Eduardo wasn’t worried though!

Geronimo was looking for the barrel section! For a beginner surfer he was doing really well!

One thing you don’t want to do at this wave is fall head first! How does the reef look down there Ed?!

Parker looking for some tube time here! It’s just behind you buddy!

All this action went down before the sun even rose above the cliff! What were you doing this morning?

Point breaks are a great way to hone in your skills on different parts of a wave! Geronimo on a clean one!

Finally the sun came out as we brought our session to an end! It was about time to let another crew have some fun with the point!

Nicaragua we sure do love you! Thanks for tuning in folks! Enjoy your Friday and stop back by for a weekend surf update from somewhere on the coast! Adios todos!