Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello everybody and welcome back to the daily NSR surf report! This is Parker signing in with some fun shots from earlier today. Kill a few minutes and check them out.

Normally, we take vacation in February but for a couple days, the entire NSR family was in town together. What did we go? Go surf and some fun waves together!!! Enjoy…

If you haven’t seen Josh LePell on the reports lately, you’ll start seeing a lot of him. Him, his wife Corrin, and his two beautiful girls recently moved down and are great friends with us. Josh, I’m looking forward to surfing and diving more often bro!!

Two turns and now finding the barrel section. Does life get much better than that?

The answer is no. Too bad he came out past the camera… Nice wave, Josh!

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The night before I do the report, I check out the forecast. Then, I immediately talk to Pancho Sanchez to see what’s up. Me: “Pancho, wanna go surf and have fun tomorrow?” Pancho: “Heck yes!! What’s the plan???”

And he destroyed this wave a second time. Pobrecita la ola…

Left point break? Carlos Caliente is in! After years and years of surfing this wave, his style is well refined.

That’s a face only Eugenia could love!!!!!! This photo is for you @patrickharnett and I have high social media expectations #comebacksoongoldenbear

For February, nobody was complaining. Great groundswell, light offshores, and clear water. Well, the water was kind of chilly……. (low to mid 70’s)

Chris Staples is a friend of Pancho’s and he is visiting us from South Africa. This was his first time surfing here. Check out this photo annnddddd…

This one too!!! Couple turns and a tube. Not a horrible wave, huh Chris???

Everybody got a wave that set and raced back out before the next. Sets had 4-7 waves and came in at about every 10 minutes. Again, we aren’t complaining for February!!

Conditions were improving and the Tropic Surf crew was making their way out! Let’s see what these rippers have in store for us…

Gavin Potter manages the shop and is the kingpin at this wave. Despite the blurriness, do you understand why? Do not fill up a boat, rush the peak, and surf with bad etiquette around this guy.

Alex McKendrick recently moved down to support Gavin in the shop. Welcome down from Australia bro!!

Two chop hops and a massive hack later, he was paddling back out to the lineup. In order to conserve time and make the afternoon session, I told him I’d only feature 1 out of 15 epic photos of him.

His wife, Rachel, also moved down to work at TS. Even as regular footers, they love this wave.

Rachel, I have two questions for you. 1. What do they feed you Australia? Because you guys rip! And 2. do you have any single friends from Australia who surf well and are great people? Tell them I like candle lit home cooked meals, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and I love the Notebook.

Flip a coin. Heads and Alex surfs better or tails and Rachel surfs better. Regardless of the result, they are rad people and we’re stoked to have them in the community.

Gavin was pushing the limits today. He was going deeper and deeper into a few barrels, cracking turns in the vertical sections, and boosting some airs. No wonder he’s a surf coach.

The only coaching I can give you on this wave is: GOOOOO!!!!!!

Eduardo is back in town from Venezuela. He regularly visits the Tola area of Nicaragua and yes he regularly scores too.

Edgardo got a couple too. It’s a shocker that he has an appointment with NSR to talk about real estate after surfing this epic wave all morning.

As the tide was dropping, the slabby section was opening up more and more. Step into the ring and test you luck with this beast.

Pancho has been a busy man. Here is again waving by as he leaves the country for another vacation.

If you want these kind of water shots, email me at [email protected] so we can coordinate a day. Eric is unfortunately finishing up here soon and we’ll have another talented photog to capture all your moments.

I think I should throw in one more lineup shot to commemorate the start of the weekend (or at least Friday). I hope that’s ok with you guys.

Our captain Zack has been stoked with the business we send him so he comped up the boat today. Thank you Zack for hooking it up and giving excellent surf tours and fishing trips to our clients!!

Ok damas and caballeros, it’s time to go surf. Thanks for checking out the shots today and we’ll see you tomorrow. Hotsticks is outtttt!!!!