Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello everybody. Check the surf conditions today. I have not intention to surf today, but after I see couple of sets, I really want to paddle out. The surfer in the line up have some action. Check some of the waves in the morning.

This point usually have this A frame wave with good right and left. Look easy to catch and it is. If you don't fall in the take off, you could have a fun ride.

Both of our point break have waves to hip high to shoulder high. The people in the line up don't need to wait to much for catch a wave. Sets were coming constantly an hour before the high tide.

My buddy Robert was in this point, surfing some of the best waves in the set. After a fun button turn he was making some cuts in this beautiful ramp. This wave is like a skate park for surf.

After the first drop Robert come back to the ramp with good speed. This wave have a place for three to four turns and get out. Imagine who fun it is. I like this wave because make me progress in my surf skill.

The wind was a little strong, but not too bad. Some waves have a little of salsa and pepper. Here is a visitor scoring this right.

D. J. can tell you how good is this wave for his surf skill. Check some of his surf day.

Here is D. J. looking for a tube. Do you think, he know how to do?

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! This is fun!!!!. D.J. was laughing with the eyes close and the head in the lip of the wave. He was the ripping in the beach, but he surf making fun thing during his surf session. Cool brooooo!!!.

Here is D.J. showing he really know how be in a tube. After a year of live here D.J. is some of the best surfer in the line up.

It is low season down here. The surfer in the line up are almost alone. Just a few spectator were watching the action.

Everybody was looking the rights. But I think some left were longer and faster for made tricks. The waves not have open tubes in the inside, just the peak was open a little.

Three of our grown were in the small waves. They always enjoy the small condition without crowd during this month.

One of my friend went out to score a wave in our main break and check the waves. He is bad surfer, but the waves were good.

I always want to show you some of the empty waves. Don't see the first one. Check the rifle in the back, the left sometimes have pretty waves.

We use the horses to hard work some years ago, but now we use this amazing natural machine for enjoy the view on a noble bronco. Every horse have a attitude and if you found his rhythm you probably will love to spend time on a intelligent animal.

Well. I not have a horse, but I have my red bull for surf, have 24 years but keep rocking. So nice heeeee!!!!. I go check the waves now, so see you later. Armando Lopez is out.