Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hi there, This is Armando Lopez with the Saturday report. The strong offshore winds we have now keep this right with good shape, water warm up a little because its sunny and we keep having chest high little nuggets.

Here are Esteban and his friends just before paddling out, you can see in his face something good was going on.

What do you think? Were the waves working good this afternoon? This guy was ripping, check this nice cut on the lip of the wave.

Esteban almost can't advance 'cause the strong offshore winds. Though the snap looks stronger because the wind helps.

Oliver Solis had a surf lesson and as always took a time to take some waves. He teach people how to have a first surf day a little extreme.

Here we see his student in her first wave, seem like overhead wave.

With this type of waves cuts are the most common tricks, sound simple but only a few place keep the form to enable tricks. Today everybody was showing how good is doing cuts.

Ok amigos, tomorrow we gonna have a surf contest, so check how that go, the forecast say the swell enhance for the next days. Thank you for checking the report every day.