Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, February 13, 2022

It's Super Sunday! Welcome back to the surf report for the day and it's still good for the waves, get your board and get a session before the game legggoooo

Grant putting on a show out there this morning packing some real nice waves

Look at that sand getting dredged up in the face of the wave..

Yuji can always be counted on for some nice waves and quality content

When I first saw this guy I thought it was Carl but nope just a doppleganger

Josee out for the brunch session and scoring some fun ones..

Yuji trying to make himself small for this one so he can squeeze it out

Big Scott with the big spray on the small wave

Some lovely ladies enjoying the sunny day sitting poolside with a view of the action

Koji!!! Yeah buddy looking extra style-yyy like always

Words don't do it justice..

Alright that's all folks! Good luck if you got money on the game, have a good night! Either way we will be back manana with some more highlights of the surfing action like always. If anyone knows the girl in the foreground feel free to introduce me lol ;)