Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi everybody! Eric here with your Monday surf report!  We had a small window of insane waves this afternoon!  Conditions were firing and we were there to capture and bring the action to you! Check it!

Lesther was hanging out on the beach, he stepped on a big thorn last night and hurt his foot, but, I told him he could use my board if he went and made me a surf report! You can see him keeping his weight off it here!

After the session, he limped up the beach and when I asked him how was his foot, he said he couldn’t even remember it was injured while he was in the barrel!

The session really was magical, Lesther, Oscar, and Carlos were the only ones out there. The local boys trading off perfect barrels, but not all the waves were ridden!

The scene on the beach was really tranquil, almost nobody around. When waves this pretty are breaking right by the beach, it’s hard not to stop and stare!

Here’s Oscar, dropping in on a beautiful right-hander!

Setting into his rail and you can tell he might be losing it here!

Lesther told me it was his fault, that he messed Oscar up because they couldn’t decide who was going on this wave! Ahhhh what could have been!

So, Lesther chose the wave behind it and scored a good one!

I was on the beach thinking, please don’t break my board buddy! Look at that shot!

I’m pretty sure I mentioned how prime the NSR beach house location is in yesterdays report, but I’ll have to do so again! I took this shot from the front yard; this might be the most radical house in Nicaragua!

These young women are visiting all the way from France to enjoy our beach! Their dog, Cinco, was having a ball!

One of my favourite waves in this country is the Mysto Left! She’s always looking so beautiful and only makable on a rare occasion!

Ahhh, sometimes taking pictures really takes a toll on me mentally, like when I’m looking thru the lens at scenes like this!

We don’t really have any sandbar at this spot right now… Once some rains come and the river starts to flow, this place will be looking even better, if you can believe that!

These are some lucky muchachos for sure! Carlos, pictured here, had a few barrels like this one that just kept on going!

He was getting deep! The camera did not stop shooting and Carlos didn’t stop pumping thru the tube!

He came flying out of that thing with lots of speed! There’s only one thing to do with lots of speed…. Whhhaackkk!

We can’t just look at perfect waves for the whole report right?!

Katie was supposed to be headed up to school to teach, but the ocean is like a magnet to her!

She had time for just one wave she said! I know the feeling of wanting to surf when you have to work amiga!

Since Lesther had a foot injury, he found it easier to just get barrels switch stance! Whhaattt??!! Looking at these photos, we decided he might have a better style when he goes goofy!!

Okay, this one’s for all the muchachos de Iguana! You’re looking at Carlos getting pitted right?!

Whoa what a session! Thanks so much for tuning in with us here at NSR! Guess what my friends? We will have more action for you come tomorrow! Check back for another update from our backyard! Hasta en la playa!