Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia here with your Wednesday surf report.  The waves pick up a little bit and we had some nice ones coming in at PC.  Chest to shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and cold water.  Check it out!

There were also some sick lefts rollin' in but nobody was on them.  What a shame!

Mr Garret paddled out and scored some fun ones.  Check him out trying to get some shade on this little nugget.

This Pelon was taking off on some decent lefts in the inside section.  Way to go Pelon!

The rights were pretty fun as you can see.  We just need a bigger swell to score some sick barrels, uh!

We want to welcome the Dompert's family,  who made it down a couple days ago.  Welcome down boys!

On the last shot of the day we have this ripper, with a cool frontside slash!  The waves were super fun today, so start thinking about coming down.

That's all for today folks, please check back tomorrow!