Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 12, 2016

Hey everybody and happy Friday! Welcome to the NSR report with Parker. Check out this morning's goodies!!

Over night, the minor SSW swell arrived! There are plenty of chest high waves to enjoy during the weekend.

The rights were reeling perfectly from sunrise until breakfast. These folks and their dog were barrel dodging this nice set wave!!

Peaky, hollow, and beautiful are a couple words I would describe this morning. Best of all, you can call it empty, deserted, lonely, and uncrowded. I didn't see a soul until after breakfast, coincidentally when the winds picked up.

I was getting lonely so I walked south to see what was going on. I found stomach high blue waves.

By this time, the winds were firing (look at the chop). The lefts were a little easier to navigate due to the wind's direction.

A few surfistos were out learning and practicing. We have plenty of fun boards if you want to get out there too!

You best time to surf is early in the morning when the tide is high and winds are light. Score your fill then hit the Beach Club for a breakfast burrito and smoothie.

Alright guys and gals, finish up your work so you can enjoy the weekend! Guys, remember Valentines Day is coming so make sure you treat your lady well (there will be plenty of empty waves here waiting for you after). Thank you for checking out the report and see you primos tomorrow!