Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the NSR report in southern Nicaragua. Parker is clocking in with today's shots. It's small and fun but still worth checking out!

During the past few days, the afternoon sessions have been fun at the main beach break. Naturally, I wanted to check it out before the winds kicked in. However, there weren't any takers this morning...

All good parents, including Robert Limacher, know to start them young! Rob is always spending time with his beautiful twins at the beach each morning. I'm not sure what will come first: exiting their crib or exiting their first tube.

This guy know what's up! When it's sunny and hot during the afternoon, find a shady hammock at the Beach Club. Their smoothies are extra delicious in a hammock.

Not much was going on at the south end so I moto'd up to the north end. Even on our flat days, there is always a wave to enjoy!

I found one lone surfing picking off every wave he wanted. The crowd is right by my standards...

The offshores are still heavy so make sure you lock into the wave's pocket. The forecasts predict a minor SSW swell along with lighter winds for the weekend.

Always pull in!!! Sometimes it's clean and perfect (like the south beachie) and sometimes its mean and ugly (like the windy insiders). Practice here so you can surf Shipstern Bluff.

Alright folks, there isn't a ton of action today but stay tuned for the weekend. We are saying our prayers to King Neptune, pulling out our wetsuit tops, and charging our cameras! Thank y'all for checking out today's report and hasta en la manana amigos!