Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome everybody to the Tuesday surf report, this is Jairo “come Pan Panic and Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the good news for today.  We woke up so early this morning and headed up north to check out the surf and to take a CPR/ AED and first AID class.  We found some good waves up north with head high sets, offshore winds but unfortunately the water was still a bit chilly!!!   Check it out.

Before we show the surf shots for the day, we wanted to share this photo of the Earthship Pataya Festival, which took place yesterday.  It turned out excellent, a lot of people showed up, the music was great and a lot of people went to help the community by donating, volunteering and sharing their time to do the best they could do to help out this wonderful cause.

On the first surf shot, we have Carlos “Caliente”, taking a nice right.  He decided to ride up north with us to score some good waves and his mission was accomplished.  Not only did he score good waves but he also trained with us on the CPR/ AED and first AID class so we can all make our clients feel totally comfortable in the water with us, knowing that we all know what to do in a sticky situation.

For our next shot we have a great set rolling in with no one on any of the waves.  The line up was uncrowded and many of the waves weren’t taken, what a shame to have such good waves with no one on them.  Maybe as the water warms up, there will be more people scoring on these great waves.

Here we caught this unknown rider catching an awesome right pulling a strong bottom turn and taking full advantage of these nice waves.  Good job dude bet he had fun today with not many people in the water and many waves to himself.

We had a full day today, first arriving at the beach and catching fun waves and then second we went to our CPR/ EAD and first AID class.  Kimery Duda who is the founder and one of the  teachers  from “The Expedition Class” did a great job on teaching us all we need to know about CPR/ AED and the general knowledge of first AID.  Now the NSR staff is fully trained and prepared to help anybody that needs help, in and out of the water.

After a great class, we decided to go and check out some of the other surf spots to score some more uncrowded, great waves.  Check out this nice peak with no one on it.  What's you guys missing!!!

Nobody was really out surfing but we did catch a great shot of Mario “El Danino” Martinez into on this sick right.  He is trying to get out in the water as much as possible, to keep in shape because we have the Central America surf contests coming up and he loves representing his country and showing the rest of Central America what they have in store for them.

For the last shot of the day, we got a great photo of this horse doing his daily kick exercises, using his water bottle attached to the end of his tail.  What a resourceful horse, he is helping the environment by keeping the trash off the beach and making it into an exercise routine for himself.  We hope everybody enjoyed the surf report for the day, the waves should be fun for the next couple days, so check back with us and see what’s going on.  Come Pan and Lucha out!!!