Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 09, 2018

Irie Vibes. 


Whatup all, Kevin here with today's report.  Today's conditions changed drastically throughout the day, but seemed to have followed the general trend of the last few days.  Hit the jump for more, lets get to it!

This morning wasn't bad. Winds were blowing, but not too bad, and a couple of nice waves came by. Looked a bit soft, but it was definitely lined up. Even with the substantial crowd some waves did go unridden.

Hang loose homie. Literally

Size seemed less than yesterday evening. It was good, but it wasn't incredible.

Random side note, I don't know whether it's because Valentine's day is approaching, or maybe it's just that time of the year, but I'm starting to get the sense that there's some love in the air out there.... Cupid be up to something

Or maybe that's just me?

The middle of the day had a few nice sets, but it was very windy. Not ideal. This shot was taken this evening. You can see a storm in the distance. We had a bit of rain, but only a light shower that lasted about 15 minutes. Looks like the brunt of the storm was out at sea.

For whatever reason, size looked like it dropped.

There were some nice walls, but definitely smaller.

Beautiful time for an evening stroll

See what I mean?! It's not just me...

Down by Colorado, things didn't look as good. I heard from some sources that it was good, but it still isn't proper.

Looks like it wants to work, but it's still not there yet. Only a little while longer till summer....

Just throwing this out there, if you guys don't have any plans for Valentine's day... how about a romantic sunset horseback ride on the beach? NSR can get that set up for you if you're interested ...

Rooster tails. A Nicaragua signature. The offshore wind is blowing.

The pelican almost looks photoshopped but nope, just crazy timing

The sun sets...

How about a lovely couple's massage, aromatherapy oils and all?  We can set that up for you too ... DM us for more info!

As you can see conditions cleaned up for the evening session. As with the previous few days, the evening session was the correct call for the day.

That's all for today guys. Good luck out there, I think there's going to be some swell coming in the next few days. See you out there!!

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