Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hey chicos and thanks for loading up the NSR surf report! This is Parker checking in with today's shots. We went north so check it out!

At lower tides, the wave becomes hollow. Local boy Juan takes advantage of that trait.

The rights were working well but the left side of the reef was better. This unknown surfer took the left and packed four turns in.

Nicaraguan traffic alert!! Heavy traffic on the Pan American highway!!

Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there! Sorry guys... I'm still a little bummed I missed the funny Superbowl commercials...

The waves were consistently chest to shoulder high with gorgeous blue water. Considering it's February, I'll take all the beautiful surf I can get!

When the tide is bottoming out, the wave becomes fast, racey, and sectiony. However, this spot has excellent offshore wind protection, especially inside the tube.

Be careful walking out and plan a calculated route. While surfing, don't think about the bottom. Instead, don't even think about falling- just stand up and get down the line!

From the corner of my eye, I watched these beauties roll through all morning. Don't think about the depth, especially here...

Later in the morning, a regular footed ripper showed off his bag of tricks. Despite the small size, he made powerful cuts and used the whole face.

Grab that chair and enjoy the show with me! Better yet, grab a warm coffee for both of us, then grab the chair.

Alright primos, there is still plenty of afternoon to surf. Thank you all for checking out today's report and we'll see you tomorrow. Adios amigos!!