Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 07, 2009

We are inviting everyone to the Earthship Pitaya Festival!  The festival will be held on Monday Feb. 09 (on the full moon).  All proceeds from the festival will go to community development projects in el Carizal, a community just south of San Juan del Sur.  The Music Schedule is as follows- Coquito's Open Stage will run from 3-5.  Afterwards you can expect to hear Sam & the Harlequins, Matty Powell with featured local artists, Son de Oriente, Amalgama (Nicaraguan Band from Leon) and more!  DJ Johnny “El Dientito” G will host the late night party.  There will be food and drink for sale at the festival.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE.  Free shuttles will run every 30 minutes from both Coquito and the Expresso Bar.  The shuttles are free but please give what you can, it all goes to a good cause!  The activities schedule for the festival is as follows- The Bodhin Yoga workshop starts at 11:30.  The horseshoe tournament will run throughout the day but the registration deadline for teams is 12:00pm.   The team tire pounding contest will start at 5pm and the registration deadline is 2pm.   You can sign-up the day of the festival at the Contest Registration Tent.  Prizes for festival contests include dinner at El Pozo, a night's stay at Pelican Eyes and more.   

For more information, visit our website: http://www.earthshippitayafestival.com

Welcome to the Saturday surf report.  This is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you some of the panorama we had on the beach today.  It looks like everything comes together, the last days we’ve had super strong winds making the water colder than normal.  You guys already know that the cold water is taking much kind of species to the shore in the whole pacific coast as well but today we had a different victim in the water.  Millions of jellyfishes washed out on the beach making it really complicated for surfing.  The waves were even smaller than yesterday but there were a couple of small ones to be ridden on the big panga.  Check it out!!!

The birds showed out to the beach looking for some baits to eat.  They had a special banquet eating different kinds of species such us baits, crabs, and a couple of shrimps.  This is going to make a terrible impact in the ocean.

A couple of surfers made it out to the beach but they didn’t even think to paddle out into the jellyfishes’ battalion.  Nobody wanted to get a try of the poison of these things.  Hopefully tomorrow these things will go away because we are expecting to have some bigger waves.

The animals keep looking for a place where they can get warm a little bit.  Just image the feeling to prefer to die instead to be living in the cold water.  That’s not easy to live with!!!

Would you paddle out looking those things surfing on the lips of every single wave?  Do you want to take the risk?  Let us know if you would do it because we want to be there to take a couple of pictures and we will make you famous.

A few days ago we posted a photo of this stingray telling you that this is one of the bigger ones that we have seem down here.  Today we decided to put something on it that you guys know in the whole world to give you an idea of the magnitude of this thing.  This is a standard tooth paste on the stingray, just image the size of it!!!

I was on the beach for a little bit more than two hours waiting for somebody that wanted to give it a try but nobody did.  This is the first time that I go to the beach and nobody makes it out.  Here we have another interesting shot of the different kind of jellyfishes we had out there.  The winds are supposed to die down for tomorrow and we are expecting to have a push in the swell so be sure to check back with us tomorrow.

On the way back home I decided to stop by the baseball field and I took a few shots of he action.  Here is this kid trying to connect a home run.
Have a good one folks!!!

This just in, we want to give a special shout out to our very good friend and president of the national surfing federation in Nicaragua Javier “El Dragon” Baldovinos for his birthday.  This guy has been doing a really good job with the local surfers and this year he’s trying to do it even much better but we have to helping out with some kind of stuff to do his job easier.  The surf circuit is supposed to start next month and he wants to keep in good shape because he wants to participate in a couple of categories.  Keep working buddy because you are doing it really well!!!