Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 05, 2016

Hola todos and happy Friday!! Welcome to the NSR report with Parker. The waves are fun and we have a couple community service shots to show y'all! Check it out.

The beachie was showing potential, especially on the rights. The wind is slightly side shore so the conditions were not pristine.

That didn't stop Nacho's friend from Mark and Dave's, Mike. His best buddy Ryan should have grabbed some popcorn to enjoy the view!

The rights were long and open. However, the wind blows in your face so make sure you maintain your speed and time your cuts!

About one mile outside of the development is a village called Santa Martha. Their community does not have electricity so the church relies on a generator to power their service. Here is their broken six year old generator.

Thanks to Coastal Community Church in Yorktown, Virginia, we bought them a brand new generator. Santa Martha, NSR, and I are grateful for your help!! Now we can have church with electricity.

Norman Meynard (left with the shorts), NSR shop manager, was also a huge help by physically buying the generator and bailing me out with Spanish. Thank you, hombre!!

We finished building the supporting frame, poured the oil, and tied the pull cord. Pastor Miguel (center with the white shirt and grey pants) helped set everything up. He is extremely appreciative for the new generator!

If still photos had sound, you would hear the engine roar and the folks cheering! Thank you again Coastal for your generosity.

In other news, the Springfrield family and I held a cookout last night. We invited all the local surfistos to dinner and a surf movie.

Last night's menu consisted of 8 grilled chicken breasts, 4 pounds of spaghetti, tons of pasta, 16 cups of gallo pinto, 5 packs of Mac and Cheese, 10 liters of juices/sodas, trays of brownies and cake, and trademark Dan Springfield pizza! Yes, we ate like kings and fed an army.

The kids start a new school year and go back to work on Monday so we wanted to cap off their summer break.  Also, we informed them of the new rewards based program. If their teaches says they attend school and turn in their work or their bosses say they are reliable hard workers, NSR will reward them. Remember the epic day in San Juan del Sur (January 20th)? If they honor their end of the deal, we are ready to stoke them out!

You are looking at the face of pure bliss. The local boys watched A View From a Blue Moon (John John Florence's new amazing movie). Needless to say, they were drooling and will be surfing all day. Speaking of surfing, it's time to log out and paddle out! Let me know ([email protected]) if you want to get involved in our next community service projects. Have a good weekend hermanos!!