Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 05, 2015

Good afternoon and welcome back!!  This is D-Lite coming at you with the Thursday surf report.  The waves picked up as expected, it's running waist to head high with good shape and the water was nice and warm.

We would like to give Mr. John Walker a big welcome back to our beautiful area.  It's been just about a year and Johnny is here for the whole month of February.  Great to see you my brother, I'm sure we will share many sessions together.  Stoked!!!

Now back to the action.  There was a little crowd that showed up today but that is the norm when everybody knows there's a new swell coming.  Here's an unknown pale rider getting his groove on with a nice down the line racer.

Nice roundhouse cutback fella!!!  I wanted to get the names of all the new faces in the water today but I was in too much of a hurry to get out there myself.  Sometimes you just gotta go get your fill, you know what I'm saying?

My good friend EU made his way up from San Juan del Sur to catch some surf with me.  He pulled in on this one but got pinched soon there after.  There were a few waves opening up today. Thanks for coming up bro, always a pleasure.

My man Zach with a sick frontside hack for ya.  The waves are supposed to get a little bigger tomorrow, I can't wait to get on it in the morning.  We shall see what mother ocean brings for us.

How's this right?  As you can imagine I was frothing taking these photos.  I kept seeing waves like this coming through and couldn't wait to put the camera away and grab my board.  Don't worry I got some!!!

A nice little fade on this sweet looking wave.  The waves were fairly consistent this afternoon which allowed everyone to get plenty of waves.  You gotta love it!!!!

Guys, thank you for checking in and I hope you have enjoyed my report.  The man Armando will be behind the lens tomorrow so hopefully I can get some good shots up on the report.  I'm going to finish out the day with a shot of the lovely Kateryn.  Cheers guys,,,,Until next time.  PAZ!!!!!!!