Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 05, 2009

We are inviting everyone to the Earthship Pitaya Festival!  The festival will be held on Monday Feb. 09 (on the full moon).  All proceeds from the festival will go to community development projects in el Carizal, a community just south of San Juan del Sur.  The Music Schedule is as follows- Coquito's Open Stage will run from 3-5.  Afterwards you can expect to hear Sam & the Harlequins, Matty Powell with featured local artists, Son de Oriente, Amalgama (Nicaraguan Band from Leon) and more!  DJ Johnny “El Dientito” G will host the late night party.  There will be food and drink for sale at the festival.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE.  Free shuttles will run every 30 minutes from both Coquito and the Expresso Bar.  The shuttles are free but please give what you can, it all goes to a good cause!  The activities schedule for the festival is as follows- The Bodhin Yoga workshop starts at 11:30.  The horseshoe tournament will run throughout the day but the registration deadline for teams is 12:00pm.   The team tire pounding contest will start at 5pm and the registration deadline is 2pm.   You can sign-up the day of the festival at the Contest Registration Tent.  Prizes for festival contests include dinner at El Pozo, a night's stay at Pelican Eyes and more.   

For more information, visit our website: http://www.earthshippitayafestival.com

Welcome to the Thursday surf report, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia and Jairo “Come Pan” Ramos bringing you all the action for today.  This morning we got back to Playa Maderas hoping to find some surfers in the water scoring some fun waves.  Unfortunately when we got there the lineup was totally empty.  It’s weird this time of the year to have this super strong wind preventing that the waves break in very good shape and making the water colder than usual.  The waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets but mostly all of them were closing out, the wind is HOWLING offshore (it’s whistling abut 35 to 40mph).  Check out what we caught today.

When the wind is super strong its turn the water cold and a lot of species that live in the warm water can die.  Today we found this huge stingray on the beach with a size of 2 meter of wide.  This thing is big enough that you can use it like a surfboard and you can catch some fun waves on it.

Even though the wind was super strong, there were a couple of sets coming through with nobody on it because NOBODY was out.  As you can see in this picture we had some small but freezing rights breaking all the way to the sand.  Jairo wished to be there and catch a couple of those waves by himself but he forgot his sponge!!!

Later on, a few locals arrived to the beach and only one of them decided to paddle out and tried to ride some windy waves and get cold.  Here we have the only local who challenge to surf some waves with this amazing wind.  This is George “El Chispero” taking off one of the bigger waves of the day.  Chispero only stayed out for less than ten minutes in the water because he got cramp because he water was so much colder than normal. 

This morning the wind was almost out of control blowing out anything on its way.  On the way back home we found this little house with not roof.  The winds are making a big mess around Nicaragua, we have roof flying like big birds, and we had a house getting fire last night and lots of trees resting down on the roads.  We hope the winds die down soon because it is really strong.  Please check back tomorrow to see what we will have for you!!!