Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, February 02, 2014

We've got the NSR family here with your Sunday surf report.  The waves were small but super fun, running in the chest high range, winds were a little lighter and the water still chilly.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was kinda busy, lots of beginners jumped out in the water.  We did had plenty of waves to ride as well.

It was a great day to take the big pangas out today.  This boy was having a blast on his!

A couple of chicks made it out and they were all having a good time.  Solid ride all the way in!

There were also a few shredders, ripping all over the place.  Here is caught this guy with a cool floater on his backside.

How about a cool off the top going frontside?  Yeahhhh buddy!

One last shot for today's report. This time a chick nabbing a beautiful little nugget on her super panga.

Playballlllllll, please check back tomorrow!