Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hi there, today we stayed around San Juan del Sur area and we got to the beach right about noon.  There were a couple of nice waves rolling in but the beach was totally busied by lots of beginners.  The winds were super strong offshore and the water a little chilly.  Check it out!!!

Even though, there were lots of beginner in the lineup we had a couple of intermediate surfers taking some decent ones.  Unknown rider nabbing a cool left hander.

The girls were going crazy today, they were all having a great time and enjoying of the beautiful day we had.  Yewwwwww!!!

Did we say the GIRLS???  We have to say that there are lots of beautiful girls around, and they will be out doing party tonight.  Tony Z will be saying party San Juan, Party San Juan, but he's not in town!

Quite a few guys were drinking some Toñas but the girls were pouring some on their hair.  They think, the hair keeps healthy! 

This kid was the only one riding the shortboard.  Check him out with a solid ride all the way in.

Nica people always big smile on the face.  No matter how hard we work.

Sweet right handers were rolling in and this guy scored some of the better ones.  Way to go fella!

At some point the winds got super strong and people had to run to get all their stuff.  Watch out with the chairs chicas!

It is time for some Toñas amigos, please check back tomorrow!