Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report.  We are the NSR Family bringing you some of the action we had at the beach this morning.  The waves were kind of fun, running about chest to shoulder high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was fresh.  Check it out!!!

On the first surfing shot of the day we have this beautiful girl she was trying to catch some waves all morning long.  Looks at her riding on this small but fun left hander.

Today we went to the beach early in the morning with some friends.  Here we have one of them Oliver “El Mono” Solis was ripping all over the place.  Check him out ripping on top the lip on this nice sized right hander.

When we arrived to the beach this morning the beach was empty, but later we had some international surfers trying to get some waves.  Here we have this guy riding on this little nugget.

We said before the waves were super fun, and this guy paddled out to get a couple shacks at the one of the many spot we have in the town.  Here he is doing his thing on this beautiful left hander.

We had some sweet waves rolling in to the beach but nobody take.  Check out this peeler right hander, one of the better waves of the day.

Oliver “El Mono” Solis was destroyed every single wave he took.  Here he is caught showing us his backside style.  Good job Monito.

On the last shot of the day we have our friends Los Monitos got out to the beach after the long and funny surf session.  Alright folks that’s all for today.  Please check back with us tomorrow.

Meanwhile up north the Tola crew was making the most today's smaller conditions. The waves were in the waist to should high range, the water was warm, the wind offshore, and nobody was out.

Ok, so there were some guys out. The Espinoza brothers repping Santa Marta. Left to right Lester "Pfeffer", "Popoyo" Miguel, and Oscar "Pie de Gigante".

Here is lester with a sick air on a smaller right, He gets better everyday.

Check Oscar "Pie de Gigante" out with this sick turn on a good little left, this kid is only 13 years old, has only been surfing for a year and utterly kills it.

A unidentified longboarder paddled out and got some sick ones, check him out getting some shade on this left.

Seth was out there killing it, look how much spray he's throwing on this turn! Seth sends a shout out to his former pupil Kelly Clark who dominated Winter X Games super pipe efforts last night.

Here is another one of Lester. This guy gets better everyday, check out this layback snap.

To end the day here is a shot of a lizard who was chilling in the sun when I walked back.  This has been your's truly Riley "Never going back" O'Rourke with the reporte del norte. Thats all for today please check back tomorrow.