Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We showed up to the beach today with this greeting shot. There was no real change in size, though a few came in like this one that made it worth a go out. We'll call it solid knee to waist high with nice shape for the panga.

The water was clear and relatively warm for the season. There was no one out, and we enjoyed a few empty ones. Carlo Caliente's brother showed up fresh out of the air force sporting a crewcut just in time to show us he hasn't lost his touch on the longboard.

Lucha Libre is off today so coming at you with an artistic hebrew lesson is Ma'ayan. Hayu galim ktanim az haya zman le-tmunot omanutiyot. Translation: Caliente's bro didn't catch too many waves so we decided to take some landscape shots instead.

pashut lehitrashem. en yoter miday milim aval nachon she-ha-tsalam meule...zot ani. Translation: The dropping tide exposed some killer tide pools so we could take some more artsy photos. Good luck with the pronunciation, and thanks to Ma'ayan for the Hebrew lesson.

Keep it locked on NSR, we'll see you tomorrow.