Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello everybody. We have another windy day and some waves to hip high. The low tide was mellow and not crowded. Both ways, lefts and rights were working in the best waves in the sets.

I heard the high tide was good. The waves was the same size, but was more crowd. In this moment the tide was low and the waves keep coming every fifteen minutes. Just two to three good waves in the set.

The low tide always is a little more strong, so I thought the waves will be more playful. But not too many surfers want to be in the water for this moment.

This man was learning and he almost have his first barrel the first day of surf. The other surfer was impressed.

I saw the new noise coming to the beach in his particular and sick bike. His parking with style, heee!!!!!.

Probably you will know him if you come to surf here. It is Michael, he is our grown and he is in the water everyday.

Because not there are too many surfer in the water, I have a special surf report of him. Here is the fourteen years old Michael.

He just surf for about a year and check his surf skill. He surf alone with no body pushing him or sponsored. His family is poor and he get all his surf gear with friends or donations.

Yeaaaahh Michael!!!!., He always say he gets barrels, airs, cuts, but we never believe him. Because you know he is a kid and he have a big imagination.

Well, he put the head in the tube. This start count, but I recognise he almost get it. I think Michael have attitude and talent for surf. So we hope he keep for the right way and be a good representer of our beach.

After come out of that sick barrel( For him ). He ripping. He probably will talk all day about this wave and he go to exaggerate ten times his vision of this wave.

Well, he is already invited to be part of the NSR surf team and we will start to polish in the surf contest. Probably, he will be a champion of the junior category when he is sixteen or eighteen.

Here he is ready for made a sick cut!!!!.....He look like a smurf surfer.

Bannnnggggg!!!!!. He is watching his spray for after can tell everybody how big was.....Michael is super cool kid. He broke and destroy surfboards and we don't know how?. He say happen during surfing, but probably he have some accident in the way here on his bike.

Here is another tube head!!!!!....If the waves will big the next days he probably is ready for a proper pipe.

Ok. Amigos. Tomorrow will see the same surf conditions. The waves are 3/4 and the wind will be 24 knots ( woooowww ), so bring a heavy fiberglassing surfboard and try to get fun. Armando Lopez is out.