Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 29, 2011

What’s up party people?  It is Saturday and everybody in town is getting ready to go out and party tonight.  Meanwhile, we went to the beach this morning and scored some nice ones.  It was running about chest to head high on sets, with nice offshore winds and the water was cool.  Check it out!!!

Bunch of international dudes made it out and were taking advantage in the lineup because there were not locals out.  We do not know this guy but we have to tell that he was picking up many clean ones all morning long.

Dave with a late take off on this nice looking right.  This swell has been super fun and we are still scoring a little bit of it.

Juanito from Mango Rosa racing down the line of this sweet left hander.  He was having a blast on his funboard.

The waves were pretty clean and here is this shot to prove it.  What a sweet and perfect line, uh!!!

The lineup was not busy at all, so there were a lot of empty waves rolling in with no takers.  Sick right crossing right in front of the 3 brother’s hostel.  What a shame?

Chad “The Cowboy” Unser took out his mini longboard and was shredding up on it.  Check him out going big with a cool off the top.

The chicks were laying down on the beach, trying to get a nice tan to look great for the party tonight.  These ones definitely look like cinnamon skin!!!

Later on, Manuel “La Bellota” Cascante made it out and was doing his thing.  Here he is on the last shot of the day with a powerful turn.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well, so make sure to check us back out!