Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hello folks, the waves keep surprising us because the forecast say poor to fair, but some point breaks keep some nice lines. The offshore wind is a little strong and the water keep cold. Big Pangas and short boards were in the same place, sharing waves. Check it out!!!

Lots of waves were not taken, check one of the best sets today.

The aspirants today for the best small barrel, in longboard Mr. unknown!!!

And for shortboard, the Local surfer Lester. I am not the judge, you decide who is the best.

Fernando from Brazil was ripping this morning doing airs. I was easy to recognize him because he used a green boardshort Hurley Phantom. Sick Bro.

Here he is again doing a cut, just missing a tube to be completed.

Always Mateo " El Generosito " give us a bit of his inventions. He call that, the exchange. See what happen.

First try, successful. Yeeeah yeeah.

Second try, wipeout.  Auch that hurted for sure. Well, remember that this is only practiced by professionals who are ready to endure severe pain.

The lefts were not very long, but they had good shape.  Bottom turning!

I don't know if these guys were making strong cuts or the offshore wind helps.  What would you say?

I think it is the Offshore wind.  I guess you can tell on this pic!

Ok amigos. Thanks for watching today's report, tomorrow my friend "Lucha Libre" will bring you the action, this was all for today. Armando Lopez is going to surf.