Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi and welcome to our Saturday surf report.  Today we got blessed with some super fun waves, head high on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and sweet water.  Check it out!!!

The locals were having super fun on those little gems.  Lenni working on his backside on a nice little nugget.

Oscar with a cool and speedy floater on this closed out section.  Nice job pal!

Little Carlitos was flying all over the place.  Here he is caught going big with a nice frontside punt.

We don't get to see big girl crews around but this year there might be a change.  Welcome down chicas!

The boys from Gigante were killing it as well.  Edwin going  vert on his backside.

The kids were playing around, snaking each other on every wave.  Chocoyito getting cut off by Oscar on his barrel of the day.

There were some sick rights rolling in down the beah but nobody was out there.  What a shame!

Carlitos paddled out over there as soon as he saw a couple of sets coming in and he scored.  Check out this little sequence, shot 1!

Shot 2, there is not enough room for both of you guys!

Shot 3, ohhhh maybe there is enough room!

Carlitos standing up tall!

A second section???

And deeper???

And looking for the door!

Nice one brahhhhhh!!!

Riley on the last shot of the day, with a sick hack.  Please check back tomorrow!