Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi everyone, this is Lucha Libre bringing you the Wednesday surf report from up north.  We woke up super early this morning and drove up the pacific coast to score some sick waves.  The waves were over head on sets, the wind was a little strong and the water was nice.  Check out the lineup!!!

We mostly had rights, it might be because the swell is doing something with the sandbars in the beach breaks but there were still a few lefts rolling in.  Here is caught this unknown rider dropping into a sweet left hander.

Armando ìEl Codoî Lopez took a ride with us and paddled out to get a couple shacks at the first spot we checked.  Here he is doing his thing on this beautiful right hander.

Oliver ìEl Monoî Solis also did the trip with us and was more than stoked after the many waves he took out there.  Check him out going big, laying his backside into this sick barrel.

Later on, a few other guys made it out at this spot.  It is a good thing that these two guys were friends because they got to share some little nuggets.  Auchhhhhhhh!!!

A few of the local surfers from this break made it out as well to get some barrels.  This is Carlos showing us how is done on this wave.

As we said before the waves were super fun at this spot and the crowds were super light.  We had quite a good amount of sweet waves rolling in by themselves.  What a shame uh!

Even the waves by the river mouth were doing their thing.  One last shot from this spot, so we kept moving up.

We opted to check out one of the better reef point breaks we have around this area and there were some mini bumps coming in.  Codo and El Mono had this spot by themselves for about 2 hours.

A few rights rolled in but Codo and El Mono were so stoked surfing the left, that they didnít even care about this wave.  Does anybody want to get shack?

Oliver getting way slotted on this sick barrel section.  Woo, I have no words to describe how sick the waves were at this spot.

The beach break down the beach was showing some potential but it was a little inconsistent.  Here is this shot to show you how it was.

We packed up our stuff and drove to another spot and this is what we found.  This January is definitely the best January we ever had.  Come down and score a little bit of this!

We met a couple of new friends at the beach.  This is Bob from Texas dropping into a nice left hander.

The last action shot of the day goes to Oliver destroying this left at the first peak.  Oliver was surfing like a 20 years old kid today and he is ready to get some more tomorrow.

Alright folks, thatís all for today.  We are tired of being surfing the whole day, so we are ready to sleep.  By, by, by, check back tomorrow.