Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good morning, this is your Sunday surf report. We woke up to check out the in coming tide this morning. There was not too much showing in the way of the new swell, but the set waves were still super fun.  The wind was calm in the morning.  It seems like every Sunday morning the crowds are very light (Goma).

Here is our friend Zac pulling in on a pint sized nugget.  He lives right in front of this break and has it pretty much wired.

Johnny caught by far the biggest and best wave of the morning and he rode all the way to the beach  How good does this right look?  That's how you do it right there!!

As I said before the crowd was not a factor, there were many unridden set waves rolling through.  I was frothing bigtime.  I got a chance after taking some photos and had a blast.

Even the small ones were really fun, not sure who this pale rider was but he was picking off plenty of set waves.  Welcome down chele!!

Mr. Mark and Thomas surfing in the morning. Good way to start this Sunday.

Mark was also ripping on a few sickies.  Mark and his family have been down for one year and are plan to head back to the States this week.  They will definitely be miss here in Hacienda Iguana.  I'm sure they will be back soon for some waves during the surf season.  It was a pleasure meeting you my friend.

We here at NSR would like to thank you for tuning in on this fine Sunday.  I would like to say hello to my beautiful daughter Sage Ryan who is in Florida.  Make sure to hit us up and start planning your trip down to Nicaragua.  We can take care of all of your needs and accommodations, so come on down and pull in to a few barrels with us.  This is D-lite and Armando lopez signing off,,,,, PAZ!!!!!