Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre posting a couple shots for our Tuesday surf report.  Today we headed out down south to check out one of the nicest spots we have around town.  The waves were super fun running about head high to over head on sets, with nice offshore winds and the water was nice and fresh.  Check it out!!!

Rights and lefts were coming in by themselves all over the place when we got to the beach, because the lineup was completely empty.  Many people would say this is Roca Bruja, but it isn’t.  We are in Nicaragua, and this is what many people is missing right now.

Codo and La Baloy Chamorro rode with me to the beach and they loved it.  This is El Codo Lopez digging his fins into this sweet left hander.

Meanwhile, La Baloy Chamorro was ripping it up all over.  Here he is caught tearing the lip off the back on this nice right hander.  Sweet background, isn’t it?

A new surf camp is getting ready to open right in front of this beach, if you want to score some of this make sure to check this place out.  Check out this local kid taking advantage of the brand new showers.

The sequence of the day goes to La Balloy Chamorro, getting some shade on this nice looking right.  Shot 1, pumping the breaks!

Shot 2, setting up for the barrel section!

Shot 3, getting some shade!

Shot 4, still slotted!

Shot 5, is he going to pull that off?

Shot 6, coming out of that sweet little section.

Shot 7, nice job dude!

There were many sick waves rolling in this morning with no takers.  One of the many world class rights coming through all the way in to the beach.

Armando “El Codo” Lopez trying to get into the small but fun little green room.  These guys killed it and they are getting ready to get some more tomorrow.

The last action shot of the day belong to La Baloy Chamorro with his signature move.  We are going to drive up north tomorrow so you better stay tuned with us.

What do you guys think?  Were they stoked?  Lucha Out!!!

This just in.  We got a couple shots sent in by Mike from NICAWAVES at Playa Popoyo.  He snapped a couple of cool shots this morning.  Carlitos Caliente on a sweet nugget.

One last shot from Popoyo.  This is CC with a nice gouge.  Thanks to Mike from Nicawaves for sending in this shots.  Keep up the good work buddy!