Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Saturday surf report.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you all the action from out here at Playa Maderas.  The waves were super fun today, running about chest to shoulder high with some sporadic head high on sets.  We don’t know where these waves came from but we are not complaining.  The winds were offshore and the water is warming up little by little.  Check it out.

Today our very own “Come Pan” decided to make it out to the beach and took the sponge to take a couple of waves.  It looks like he has a new ritual before to go out.  I didn’t understand exactly what it was but his girlfriend did.  You guys have to figure it out as well.

We had many fun waves to be caught and a few locals were out taking advantage.  This guy on this photo is not very often on NSR because he’s always surfing down south.  Today he took a ride with us and we got a few good shots, here is one of them.

Luis “La Baloy” Chamorro was able to paddle out as well and he was doing every kind of maneuvers on every kind of waves.  Here we have a shot of him with a small but sweet floater on this right.

This is Mike from San Diego looking down the line on this beautiful right.  He rented out one of our many good boards we have and he had a good time with the NSR Family.  He’s so stocked to find a killer board for such a good price.  If you guys are thinking to come down and want to rent some boards jus send us an email because we have the best boards in town to make a better trip for you.

Everybody was having a good day at the beach today, including the guys who are just learning how to surf.  This is Trent, who decided to make it out and did the best to ride some waves.

It looks like Jairo’s ritual worked out really good.  After more than two months out of the action he scored some fun ones.  The day was mostly cloudy making it tough for photos but we always have something to share.

There were some amazing set waves that rolled all the way in with no takers as always.  Check out this wave going both ways with no one on.  What a shame!!!  Our buddy D-lite would destroy this wave but now he’s in the United States visiting her daughter.  We hope you are having fun dui dui!!!

A couple of local kids were flying all over the place today.  Here we have “La Bestia” going big with this 360’s aerial.  By the way, he landed a couple of good ones.

On the way back to town we found this unfortunately event on the road.  Please drive slowly, if you guys do not know very well the roads around because you can hurt somebody “including you”.  The waves are supposed to be about chest high tomorrow with offshore winds all day long but we never know what it can happens so be sure to check back tomorrow with us and see what we score for you guys!!!