Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hola amigos, this is Lucha Garcia again with your Wednesday surf report.  The surf got a bit bigger today, the winds kept blowing strong offshore and the water is chilly.  Check out the lineup!

The brother Chamorros took a ride with me to the beach and they both had a good time.  La Baloy Chamorro trying to get some shade on this little nugget.

La Gaviota Chamorro was flying all over the place, as always.  Check him out going big with a cool maneuver.

A bunch of beginners made it out and they were trying to get some waves on their own.  Free falling???  Book a surf lesson with the NSR Surf School and you'll get some real surf for sure buddy.

Even the dogs were getting some nice ones out there.  Way to go puppy!

There were some nice sets rolling in every now and then and this guy sat in the right spot to score some of the better ones.  Unknown rider taking off on a sweet left hander.

We had some nice waves breaking off the rocks far down the beach but nobody was out there.  What a shame, uh!

Check out Pinolera House, right above Playa Maderas and the guys walking up the stairs to get some lunch already served on the table.  Think about staying at this house, just a few steps down the beach, and the meal plan option available to make your vacation the best ever.

Get some of this, be the first one in the water, only if you stay with us at Casa Pinolera.  Super fun waves, uh!

The last action shot of the day goes to this unknown rider, droppin' into a nice right hander.  We hope to have some better conditions for tomorrow, so stay tuned with us.