Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hello and welcome back to a wonderful Saturday surf report broadcast from here in Nicaragua. There were some super fun waves down at Panga this morning and looks like it should be good for sunset as well.

Plenty of little corners to pick off across the lineup.

Rights and lefts too were coming in a plenty.

Some longboards and some shortboards out in the lineup.

When the set waves would come in they were pretty nice size as well.

If you put yourself in the right spot you might even find a little coverup for the morning start to the day.

Dr. Steve was charging some of the set waves out the back and he was def scoring some sick ones. I know he is enjoying his new home in Nica!

Another resident of the community Asher here always good for a shot or a clip as he is consistently shredding.

Layback snap for breakfast anyone?

Super fun little morning session and after shooting I went for a surf it was still good, thinking it's gonna be good at sunset!

So if you didn't get out this morning I def suggest you get out there later today.

Score some of these warm water waves, looks like we have a bit more swell coming for the weekend as well so should be pretty fun weekend here in Nica.

So get out there and split some peaks with your buds! Glad you came to check us out today, we'll see you back here tomorrow same place maybe different time lol Later ya'll!