Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hey guys, Kevin here! Still some swell in the water out there! It was a beautiful day outside, you could even see Costa Rica out in the distance. Anyway, lets get to it!

Rights and lefts out there today.  Some people were on longboards, some people were on shortboards but it was all good

During the right tides there were some nice lines coming in

Nice little right with an audience!

The wind was on and off all day, but it was always offshore

At first I was thinking to myself, "man it's too small. Not sure if i'll even go surfing today." But the more time that I spent watching the conditions, the more people kept getting some sick ones

Even the ones that people didn't get still started to look good

Some more people came down throughout the sesh, here's Adam with a sick little beater board from Catch Surf

He and his girlfriend Jamie have been frothing to surf recently.

He went out there and caught a nice one right off the bat! My opinion of the conditions definitely started to change after I saw him on this wave.

The lefts! If people are out there and just going straight you can kind of convince yourself it's not worth paddling out. But when you see people pulling maneuvers like this you start to run out of excuses

This crew seemed to have similar ideas to Adam and Jamie. Just gotta get out there! I like their style

Another unridden A-frame


Another one!

Maaaannn. When people start busting airs in these conditions you basically lose all credibility when you say it's not worth going out anymore

ANOTHER A-frame! Who doesn't love sharing a wave with a buddy!

That feel when you're right about to surf. The best

Even though it was small, a couple of the local pros decided to paddle out. Here's Jackson Obando. Such a ripper

Kevin Cortez. He's such an aggressive surfer. Every wave he goes on gets ripped to shreds. Super fun to watch

Kevin racing down the line

Another beauty. Such a chilled stance

I probably shouldn't be showing you guys this, there's waves to be had all around. Just don't tell anyone

Perfect left.

Here's Jackson on what looks to be a small, unassuming beach break wave.

But don't be fooled, this is Playa Colorado

At this point it's clear that the conditions were at least fair - good out there

At this point, the only argument i could muster was, " well, I guess only that one peak must be working."

Carl paddled out further up the beach and almost nullified that argument on the first wave

He pulled out of this one, and while it looks good on the photo it DID close out

This one didn't though. Tom Eberly with the shaka ON the wave

So stoked to see Jameson Hodder out there! He looked hesitant to paddle out before this photo was taken, I think he was thinking the same thing I was.

But he whipped this sick floater and I was the only one left wondering on the beach

too sick

Look at this beauty. Did Carl just get barreled? What do you guys think?

Man another perfect wave, look at this thing. If you look closely you'll realize Carl is actually NOSERIDING this thing!!! Too sick

Yep, excuses out the window at this point

At this point, I was basically halfway towards my moto completely amped to go surfing, when Jaron came over to me and called me over to let me know there was a turtle about to lay some eggs down the beach!

I never got to see a turtle laying eggs before so this was super cool to see!

We all got super excited and started crowding around to watch, but after a few minutes, Mama turtle turned around and looked right at us like, "really guys? give me some space!" she left the hole she dug for a little more privacy. If any of you guys are curious, these guys are Hacienda Iguana security. Whenever there's a turtle around, they come by to collect the eggs and make sure no one else steals them. They have a little incubation area by Pili's beach club if any of you are curious! They have a note with a date on it which is an approximation of when the eggs will hatch

Mama pulled herself on to the beach and dug a hole to lay her eggs into

Anyway, we left her alone to let her do her thing. If you guys ever see a turtle laying eggs on the beach, make sure to give her as much space as possible. The last thing you want her to feel is like you're going to poach her eggs. Make sure to give her some space, and once she's done laying her eggs and mama is back in the water (ideally), call security to come collect the eggs. That way, the eggs get protected, and mama has her privacy and feels comfortable laying her eggs.

Parting shot.  Needless to say, I paddled out straight away after this haha!

Last but not least, just wanted to give a shoutout to Jameson Hodder.  He was the dude who did the sick float earlier in the report.  He's a reggae artist and a good friend of the NSR crew (note the sick limited edition green NSR tee)!  He's been here at Hacienda Iguana with us for the last couple of weeks but it's finally time to head home.  Safe travels to you and the fam bro! 

If any of you guys are curious, feel free to check out some of his music at www.facebook.com/jamesonhoddermusic

He actually filmed a music video here at Playa Colorado a little while back, it's a sick track, definitely worth checking out!  


Anyway, that's it for today!  Hope you guys enjoyed the report!  See you guys next time (or in the water most likely haha)!