Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey everyone, Brian here, with your Tuesday surf report. Well we made it down to the beach early this morning and found some fun waves in the waist to chest high range and surprisingly some bigger sets rolling through as well. The boogie patrol was out in the water early once again, but luckily there were a few surfers as well. Check it out!

The sun was shining nice and the weather was sweet this morning making for some great conditions to make your way through some Nica barrels. Check out this lucky guy setting up on a sweet left.

Lefts and right peaky wedges coming in up and down the beach. If you went right though, you might need your "blue-blockers", with the sun beaming right at your face.

A few empty gems coming in off the rocks as well this morning. Where ya at Guru?

Some friends from Magnific Rock made it down to catch the dawn patrol session also. Brad, just got into town with some new hand made shapes of his. Looks like the test runs are going good!

Cory, looking for his next move on nice little nugget.

Jackson, driving blind on a frothy right.

Set of the day, and spongebob is up and riding. That's it, no more waves for you guys, or there won't be any water left for anyone else. Looks like we could have waves for the rest of the week, so get out and surf while you can. Hasta manana amigos!