Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi everyone, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre and Come Pan” bringing you the Tuesday surf report.   Today we took some locals to the beach Maderas to have some surf action.  The waves are still small but as always we have something to ride.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets, with the wind offshore and the water was super nice.  Check it out

Today we had some internationalists on the beach having a good time.  They decided to padded out and ride some fun waves.   With the first shot of the day we have this unknown rider taking off on this nice looking left.

Not many Locals made out today, just there were a couple doing their best to catch some fun ones.   Here we have Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro with a nice front side floater on this nice looking wave.

Laster “EL Coyotito” Solis was able to grab some waves too.  Here he is with a cool maneuver on this small but nice left.  Lester hasn’t been surfing latterly because he needs to work to support his family but when he is in the water he can’t stop to catch a lot of waves.

Today we met a few of nice girls on the beach taking some of tan and enjoying the beautiful weather.  They decided to spend their vacations in our beautiful and peaceful country.   In this group shot we have from left to right, Christina, Amber and Jennifer smiling for the camera  Welcome to Nicaragua girls, we hope enjoy this country.  It was a very nice to meeting you!!!

We want to leave you with the best shot of the day.  Please check back with us tomorrow.  Lucha and Come pan out!!