Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to the surf report for today. This is Jairo "Come Pan Panic" from out here at Maderas. It's chest to shoulder high on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro paddled out today, and scored some good waves. Here he is with a cool shot.

This is "El Mope" Miranda getting into the action today. This guy was ripping it up and flying all over the place. Here he is with a sick spray.

Here we have Carlos Caliente Charging out with a big panga and having fun with the small waves. Here he is showing us his skill on the longboard.

This is Gerardo "El Mope" Miranda made it out again with a cool shot. Here he is with a nice air.

Today, i took the water camara out trying to get some good shot like this one. Here is Tom "El Viejo Pelon" riding a good looking backside right.

This is the last shot of the day. Alright fellas please check back tomorrow.