Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 13, 2006

Today we've got a nice bump in the swell. We are seeing some occasional head high sets and offshore winds here at Maderas. All the boys are out taking advantage.

Check out Roque on this stand-up tube. Roque was picking off the best lefts all day today.

Check out Jairo, getting inverted in front of the rocks. For those of you who are worried that he's too close to the rocks, it's ok, none of the rocks were damaged by Jairo's hard head.

Good waves and chicks at the beach too? What a day!

Here is Luis...slotted on a nice right.

...and Agusto, coming off the top.

Here is a two shot turn sequence for Roque...shot 1.

Roque, digging in for Shot 2.

One more of Luis busting loose with his tail.

We don't know who this was, but it's a nice parting shot. Check back tomorrow.