Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Whatup everyone, Kevin here with Wednesday's report. I'll be completely honest with you, it's actually kind of nice to have some small waves for a change. Nothing wrong with having an excuse to whip out the fish or the longboard. And the spot to be when it's small is Panga Drops. It's the only place picking up any swell on this beach and it's actually pretty fun out there on the right tides. Check it out

This was the first look I got at it this morning. Looks ridiculously small but it looked like people were pulling some maneuvers so I said "hey, why not whip out the housing?" I had to shoot some photos for a watch brand my friend runs so I figured hey, why not kill two birds with one stone?

The sun was out, the water was a nice color. Looked super inviting. It's days like this that you want to whip out the housing and go for a swim.

These girls came over from Gigante to score some surf. I guess they got the memo that Pangas is working

Look at the smile on this guy's face

The wave actually has pretty good shape. Check out that nice mellow open face


These two guys were just screwing around out there. Perfect day for a party wave!

The stoke is high

It's so strange how even when it's small, it still looks exactly like big Panga Drops.  It's literally like seeing a miniature version. When Panga drops is big it looks exactly like this but 5 times as big

Met this guy Grant working over at Guacalito out in the water today. He paddled out right at the same time as me.

He's from South Africa but he came out here chasing the surf. It's interesting how Nicaragua brings people together like that

It's always nice running into good surfers

It makes my job a hell of a lot easier

And it's also one of the reasons that I continue to do surf photography

It's interesting how the pics can sometimes make a place seem bigger than it actually is

... while at other times making large things seems small. This doesn't just apply to waves either. That house in the background is Casablanca, one of our rental properties. It's a beautiful two story house with a view of both Playa Colorado and Panga Drops from the roof. It looks tiny in this picture though

Haha it's so strange as well, you see the shots from land, and you compare them to the water shots, and sometimes it just makes things more confusing

Another nice right

Was it actually that big or did it just seem like it?

This was one of the insiders

Grant ended up switching boards with a friend. It's cool seeing how someone's style translates to a different board.

Grant went full on soul arch on every wave on the longboard it was pretty cool to see

I wonder if it's intentional

I guess we'll never know

Here's his buddy on a shortboard. He was riding the longboard in the sequence at the beginning

Tell me it's not Pangas but in miniature!

Nice wall

Coming in for a closer look

How big would you call that?

I love this shot from the back

Snagged this little shot between sets. I brought the snorkel out there to see how the water clarity was since I've been wanting to go fishing....

If any of you guys are curious, the watch pics turned out pretty sick. Here's one of them. The watches are designed for surfers and spearos. They're depth rated to 100M which, unless you're scuba diving, is plenty.

The brand is called Vaer, you can check them out here:


insta: instagram.com/vaeradventure/

If you want one, you can grab a $30 discount with the code "kevinsurf" You're welcome!

Anyway, that's it guys! See you all next week or in the water! Go out there and take your longboard out tomorrow if you're still frothing after this report!


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