Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello and good sunday for everybody. We are having another good weekend in Nicaragua. The waves have the same energy of yesterday and the wind keep around the sixteen knots per hour. Check it out the waves.

Yesterday the right were better with good long lines, but today some left have tubes. This wave was the first one in the serie.


This surfer was getting a lot of the best wave today. The waves are working good for about four hours, so all afternoon is good for go surf.

The season for fishing from the beach is almost starting. There are some jacks in the short break already.

Well. We have some clowns in the house. There is a birth day party and the kids will have fun for sure with this guys. The dog is testing if is true his feet fit in that shoe.

Here is a surfer making a good snap. This man was going on this wave for so long and in the end he have good speed for hit that wave with power.

Some surfers want to have a barrel going in the rights, but not there are any surfer get a barrel today. The right were for turning.

Hey primos!!!. We have small waves now, but check our forecast for the next weeks. To the eighteen to the twenty two there are probably the first big swell of this year. Sound amazing, we hope the prediction don't exchange.

This wave does not stop working those days. The others breaks are too tiny, but check the waves we have. Tomorrow the waves will drop size. We will show you how the waves work, so be tuned. Armando lopez is out.