Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey everyone, Brian here, with your windy, Thursday surf report. I'm sure if you're here in Nicaragua right now, you've already talked to five different people today talking about how windy it is. As far as the surf goes, still on the smaller side, knee to waist high with some occasional plus peaks coming through and gusty winds in the 25 - 30 knot range. Check it out!

I was suprised to see a few nuggets like this coming in with no surfers in sight. Yours for the taking if you can battle the winds.

Looks like a scene from the movie "Endless Summer II" when Wingnut and Pat come over the sandy dunes in South Africa and find a deserted beach with no surfers in sight.

Just one of those down days here in Nicaragua. This is when you recharge and relax until the next swell arrives and looks like this weekend we could see a little bump.

Amidst all of the white capped waves out to sea, I saw a little flash of color and for a minute looked like a surfer that was blown out to sea. I took a second look and turned out to be Pancho Sanchez and Codo, trying to battle their way back to the beach after spearfishing.

Codo made it in first and timed it right before this set came through. Gotta be careful out there on days like this or before you know it you'll be in the Galapagos Islands.

Codo all smiles after finally reaching dry land.

Pancho Sanchez with the catch of the day! Looks like someone is having fish tacos for dinner! Sweet catch guys!

One last peeler of the day to leave ya hanging with.

That's it for today folks. Hope you got out to the beach today to enjoy the weather and waves. We'll see you tomorrow. Adios amigos!