Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 09, 2016

Hello and welcome to the weekend surf report. We keep having fun waves. The waves are coming constantly in the high tide and not there are too many surfer today. Is sunny day and the offshore wind was normal. Check it out.

The rights were rolling for ever. Nice long waves today. Everybody come out the water have the same satisfaction in their face. : )  .


Kevin Cortez was in the water, he was making the sick trick in the alienation. He is coming back, after a injury in his wrist.

Kevin was getting some tubes in the small peak in the inside. Check the tick lip of that tiny wave.

The waves have long lines, not everyone has tubes, but the waves were holding the wall. This swell is small, but the waves are coming strong and tick.

That right was soo good, sometimes the people were burning the waves. Surfers the conditions are good for the next two days.

Here is Katie. This girl is surfing waves overhead and she is making good cuts. Live here made you surf skill so much better.

And here is our version of Gary Lopez. Here is from Nicaragua ( Mauricio Targa Turbo) . He was making fun in the left because the left was short and was losing energy quickly.

And here is Oliver ( El monito Solis ) making some cuts. He was using a single fin 6' 0" shaped for Tom Eberly and he was surfing super fluid.

Kevin was destroying the waves. Sometimes I was focus in the main peak and Kevin was distracting me flying in the south of the beach.

Here Kevin was going high, but he don't land this air. The left have short lines. But when the other wave come from the other way is good, we use the ramp for go big.

Ok. Amigos. We have the best time for surf in around 12: oo in the noon until 4: oo Pm. So see you in the line up tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.