Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 09, 2014

We stayed down south today, actually we went to Playa Maderas and we found some small but nice waves.  The waves were running in the chest high range, winds were straight offshore and the water was amazing.  Check it out!!!

There were some nice waves in the north side of the beach and no many people was on them.  This guy sat in the right spot and scored some of the better ones.

It was a perfect day to take the big pangas out and also for beginners.  Unknown pelon with a solid ride all the way in to the beach.

El Corage Hernandez did took his big panga out and he was ripping hard as always.  Sick vert on his frontside!

Take a little fish out, was also a good option.  Here is caught this boy, chilling on his backhand.

Felipe El Pipe Chompipe was one of the very few locals that were out.  Cool snap on this little nugget.

It is time to go for a ride fellas.  Please check back tomorrow!