Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Que pasa muchachos?  We've got Lucha Libre Garcia here with your Tuesday surf report from somewhere in the pacific coast. The waves were a bit smaller than yesterday but there were still some nice sets rolling every now and then, the winds were quite strong offshore and the water a tad chillier.  Check it out!!!

The rights were also doing their thing and no many people was on them.  Would you call this small fun Fl?

Just to watch the action from the beach was super fun, to see all those guys racing some waves.  Beautiful wave, uh!

A couple of locals made it out to the lineup and they were shredding up.  Check out this one with a cool hack.

Quite a few local girngos made it out as well and they were ripping hard too.  This is Marsh with a cool maneuver on the top of this closed out section.

Monchito Martinez was putting on his own show.  Here he is caught about to bust the lip off the back.

Hey man, I have a headage.  I don't wanna be up side down!

Everyone out there was giving some extra work to their fins.  Unknown shredder with a sick move right on the lip of this nice sized wave.

Did I say something about some racy ones?  Check out the pal, trying to get some speed and make it through this quick section.

It would have not been a good day without a good photo of the girls.  Rosa La Primorosa  just second away from fun!

Tha crew, 3 of the most experienced surfers in the whole country.  Aloha chicos!

Last action shot goes to this local about to land this sick aerial punt right on the head of that poor guy in the impact zone.  If you are learing, please made it out of the impact zone.  We do not want anybody to get hurt.

That's all for today brothers, please check back tomorrow.